It’s the first time I write in English here, this is just a warning concerning two companies, Europcar and I reserved a car in the latter December 16th for pickup at Copenhagen airport yesterday. The car I booked did not have tires equipped for winter conditions, a law in Sweden. During the circumstances I had to cancel the car hire.

Today I have been in long phone queues to England –, and spending a lot of time writing to Europcar in Denmark.

Well, let me quote my first conversation with Europcar Denmark, sent to It was a forward from my Reservation Confirmation with

To whom it may concern,
As you can see below, I reserved a car with the 16 of december for pickup at Europcar Copenhagen airport yesterday.


When I arrived at Europcars desk I was surprised to find out that the car was not equipped for winter conditions, only with regular summer tires. I was prepared to pay more for a ”winter equipped car”, but to my astonishment I found out that there were no such cars.
Since I was going to the south of Sweden with the car and it is mandatory (the law) to drive a car with ”winter tires” between December 1 – March 31 I had to cancel the car hire. At the same time there was this snowstorm that hit Sweden the same morning, also Kastrup was hit by snow, so I’m surprised that you can rent out cars with ”summer conditions” for drivers in Denmark also.


Today when I entered my Swedish bank on the internet, I saw that I was debited the amount of 7218,91 SEK by, although I never picked up the car and signed a contract.


Today I have been in the telephone queue for almost 1 hour trying to speak with, at a cost 10 pence/minute. Finally I spoke to a woman, she later contacted you and she promised to get back to me. She left an almost inaudible message on my mobile phone. The only thing I could hear was that I should send you an e-mail explaning the situation and that you should get back to me within one to two days. Unfortunately I could not hear the email address she said in the message, so I phoned Europcar at Kastrup today and a very nice and polite woman gave me this address. mentioned something about contacting customer service, so if there is another mail address to them, please forward this to them.


I was really lucky yesterday to find a car by a private renter in Sweden. All cars at ”normal” renters; You, Avis, Hertz etc was occupied. I had to go by train to Helsingborg, and later take a taxi for about 30 kilometers to get the car.


I really hope you can help me with this, my financial situation does not permit double car rents during my 16 days stay in Sweden.


Best regards
Monica Andersson

The answer from

Dear Monica Andersson,
Thank you for your email.


First of all I would like to apologize for any inconvenience the snow storm caused you.


It is correct there is no legal requirement for winter tires in Denmark and for an ordinary Danish winter it is according to the official Danish Road Traffic Act not necessary. However we do offer winter tires as special equipment, so it is possible to prebook a car with winter tires. If you for example book on our website it is stated that winter tires have to be booked as special equipment during the period 01/11-31/03. It is also stated it is mandatory if you are travelling to Sweden or Norway.


When driving to Sweden it is mandatory by law with winter tires so it is very unfortunately you had not prebooked the winter tires because then we would definitely have had a car with winter tires for you.


Often we do have extra cars with winter tires so our clients will be able to pay the supplement and get a car with winter tires. But because of the special situation where we had a snow storm in Denmark all cars with winter tires were sold out when you came to pick up a car.


As you have prebooked and prepaid to Ebookers you need to contact them regarding your prepayment. Unfortunately we do not have any other contact information for Ebookers than what is in your below email.


If you have any questions or comments you are also welcome to contact me again. I hope you will be able to get a quick response from Ebookers.


Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards


Mikkel Bloch
Reservationschef/Reservation Manager

I answered rather quickly:

Dear Mikkel!


Thanks for your prompt reply.


What is this, catch 22?


As you know I did not book through your website, so I could not read the special terms regarding Sweden and Norway. I was late in reserving car due to my Swedish husbands death the 15 of october in Madrid. I’m not here to celebrate Christmas, I have been to the notary today to get official stamps on papers, Haag apostill in Swedish, and I have to get back tomorrow. I´m just here to struggle with spanish byrocrazy. I don’t deserve your treatment right now! has been in contact with you today, and they informed me that I had to contact you in this matter.


How can I proceed from here? I’m sure that Europcar has more mony to spend in telephone queues then I do, please let me provide you with their number here:
Our Sales Team can be contacted on 0871 223 5000 (+44 871 223 5000 (primary) from outside the UK or +44 203 320 3320 (secondary) from 07.30 am to 23.45 pm seven days a week. Calls cost 10p per minute at all times.


I called the primary number from outside the UK.


I’m quite sure that can’t sit on my money, of course they have to be transfered to you for a non-existing car hire.


You can do better then you have done soo far, I’m sure.


/Monica currently in Sweden

Later on came the answer, at 4.33 pm today:

Dear Monica Andersson,
I am really sorry and especially for the terrible situation you are in. Please accept my condolences for the death of your husband.
We invoice Ebookers after each rental and as there was no rental we do not invoice or receive any money from Ebookers.


According to our records Ebookers have not contacted us.


You prebooked and prepaid directly to them and therefore it is their terms and conditions that will apply on this reservation and therefore it is also Ebookers that will have to refund you.


I would really wish that I can help you but unfortunately you need to contact Ebookers directly.


Med venlig hilsen/Kind regards


Mikkel Bloch
Reservationschef/Reservation Manager

Well, who is responsible to this mess, absolutely not me!!

I’ll let you know what is happening. This is just the beginning….

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